The music in your heart, the melody in your soul, the voice of reason


The dream that you’ve always had, the vision for your life


The love that is still in your heart, the love that is hidden deep within, make it shine on to those around you for the more you give the more free you become and more happier


The learning adventure, it’s not always in a class but you can learn anything from the world be it books, newspapers, people i.e. old & young, be open to sit at the feet of they who can teach you on life’s lesson, you’ll be surprised


The skills that are valuable in life and those that you once shrugged on knowing


Taking care of you, you indeed are important and if you don’t care of you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally there’s definitely no one who can do it for you and your definitely an important piece of a puzzle in the world.

Restart that which you left half way just because you lost the momentum and motivation to see it through, it well initially make sense as it had when you started. You’ll definitely be proud of yourself upon completion of the task.

Be your first cheerleader and keep on pushing, you’ll never regret it.


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