...and so the curtains fell and this time she was exposed, she had a feeling that someday this would eventually happen, maybe a little sooner than later though she silently prayed it away, all that she had for show was now exposed to the world and the world looked back at her in disbelief. She… Continue reading mirage

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simple chat, rant maybe?

Have you ever encountered difficulty and just stayed down, moved in circles and lay on the grass hoping the difficulty can go away? I have been having that for more than a week and it's not looking good, not at all. I've decided to do the little manageable task assignments and research but left the… Continue reading simple chat, rant maybe?


The Difference Between Change Management and Organizational Readiness


Org Readiness

There are many definitions of “change management,” and Wikipedia’s is as good as any: “change management is a structured approach to the change in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that enables the transition from a current state to a desired future state.”  The contributors to Wikipedia then suggest that change management is then sub-divided into individual change management (addressing the approach of moving a single person through a change), and organizational change management (moving a group of people through a change.) 

Change management is an approach or a set of activities.  If one uses Stephen Covey’s habit #2, begin with the end in mind, one focuses on the expected outcome.  With that in mind, I believe the most important part of creating transformational change is preparing the organization to move, hence the term, “organization readiness” or “org readiness” for short.  The activities are of course very important, but it is critically important to never lose…

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