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Get. it. in. order.

For some reason overwhelmed, not going forth but going back and unable to account to what's to be done by the end of the day. No, you definitely can't blame anyone but your self. What's wrong with you why are you making it hard? Do you desire to be a failure all your life? Why… Continue reading Get. it. in. order.


The Road Ahead

It has no trail it is filled with grass, sand, stones, dried leaves and all in between. Some have been here, right where I am, experienced this feeling I am having right now, experienced the sudden butterflies in their tummies yet some bravely with the fear within embraced it and forged a road ahead one… Continue reading The Road Ahead


How to Develop Strategic Insights

Just read this and simply questioning how much of a thinker I am or am I not?

Greg Githens, Executive & Leadership Coach

christopher columbus strategic thinker

Strategic thinking involves thinking about the future in a purposeful kind of way; that is, to generate useful insights that guide present-day choices. Presently, data analytics and statistical forecasting is popular, but I want to focus on generating insights, which usually come to the individual subconsciously.

Christopher Columbus: Strategic Thinker

Let’s imagine ourselves shadowing Christopher Columbus prior to 1492. As a naturally curious person, he gained knowledge for winds and currents and seamanship from his experiences sailing the Mediterranean, North Atlantic, and West Africa.  He read many books on astronomy, geography, and history and made hundreds of marginal notations in them. He  collected and interpreted data in the light of his personal ambitions.

History tell us little about Columbus’s reasoning. Regardless of the historical record, at some point in time Columbus developed the insight that he could use the Easterlies (trade winds off the coast of Africa that move from East…

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