More like saved by the Bell and when you actually don’t listen something you had a ‘feeling’ about, something bad happens.

How has it worked for me?

I think of my campus life and the two subjects that I failed gracefully in. One was database management and the other was a final project for my undergraduate. Mostly I found myself very anxious and worried and dedicated to prayer. I prayed that God would somehow do a miracle for me specifically so that I wouldn’t fail but, you know He can’t be bribed. Silly me!

For some reason I hadn’t studied well, very unfocused, distracted, binge watched movies ( I have a soft spot for great movies especially action movies) very unsure of what my project was to be about, I was simply clueless and very ignorant and arrogant to ask. I thought I was smart, shame on my smartassness.

When asked, so how was the exams or how was your project?

Me: it was good, I believe I will ‘pass’ but in my heart and soul I knew I had failed but I kept it zipped to save face from friends and especially my family.

When the results were out I had to do damage control, you know the usual, a lot of people failed the course and bla bla bla. Funny enough, I saved face and typical of me I knew I can’t fail twice and so I worked my ass of to success, ha!

This is just a snippet of my life’s premonition and now that I still want to upgrade my education I definitely can’t afford to be sloppy.

Relationships, generally I can’t say I’m the best in the ships section but sometimes my sixth sense saves me from a lot of sh*t. From the troublemakers & the bad company, I somehow sense a person aura. I keep the circle small whether friendship or acquaintance and drama that comes with some overly loud people, not that I’m biased but there’s some people who are macho, the ones who step on anybody and don’t give a hoot!

I’m sure you too have had your share of premonitions, I wouldn’t mind your side of the story from your side of the world, do share friend and let’s have a jolly good laugh at ourselves.



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