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It’s my birthday!


I couldn’t sleep last night, it was my last day being twenty four, never will i be that age again and I shed tears, it is surreal. It is sinking in…

I’m grateful, to see this to get older, to learn more about me, to experience what I have for the past years, to grow and finally to get more understanding.

In as much I choose not to have a party and keep it hush hush, I thank God for seeing this day cause it’s not everyone who gets to live to their twenty fifth birthday, many young lives have been lost through accidents, illness, natural disasters etc.

So, I pretty much pampered myself and had lots of quiet time, just to reflect and savour this moment, I’m an adult! 😂

Any advice about life, career, relationship, finances or plain ol’ lessons learned from you my dear reader?

Share some wisdom with me.



6 thoughts on “Finally!🎂🔪🍰

  1. Happy bday wish you many more. Advice stay cheerful, happy and hopeful for tomorrow. The older some people get they forget to appreciate each day and every moment in life. But it’s your special day so live it up.

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