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Medical Camp Volunteer Experience

Yesterday 21st April 2018, was an exciting day, my first medical camp experience. This was all thanks to my church Health/Medical department.

The day began with some muddy mishap, one of our friends car got stuck while using a short route towards our destination and in the midst of helping her out of the sticky situation, a lot of water got in her car but through it all it didn’t deter us from going forth with our journey. We had to use the long route since it was better and since it had rained heavily Friday night, tarmac was better than using muddy road.

Reaching our destination, Nkaimurunya Primary School, some setup to the camp had already started and with the help of some pupils from the school we organised the various classes, equipment, medication, food and clothes for all our patients. We had a brief meeting and everyone got assigned to their various posts.

The day was pretty busy we received over 350 patients, men women and children both young old and a few youth. We got to treat them as the word of God was shared, in the the end 42 souls were saved, they accepted Christ in their lives and this was victory in God’s kingdom.

In as much as we all were exhausted from the day’s activities, it was a wonderful experience, to share, to help, to encourage and share both health tips and the word of God. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces, seeing people participate during the health talks both young and old, and our health team emphasis on taking care of their health through cleanliness, check ups and taking balanced diet was well appreciated especially by the women.

Lessons learned:

  • There’s much to be done for the community
  • Never miss an opportunity to do something new, you will learn something about yourself
  • Appreciate good health and the ability to go for check ups without worrying about finances
  • Offering yourself up to do something for someone else is the best gift you can give
  • Sacrifice, service, love, stewardship etc can be done, open your heart to them even when you think your world is crumbling, all is not lost
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity and the chance through my church, House of Grace Rongai definitely won’t forget this. For more to come I open my heart and arms wide. God is good!

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