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First in everything…

This has been on my mind today, I’ve been playing so many scenarios of life both mine and from others, my conclusion is…

You don’t have to be first in everything to matter.

We all have our journey to walk through, a continuous journey where whether you choose to walk, run or simply smell the roses at every stop, it’s yours and your choices include consequences whether good or bad.

I think I’m on the route of taking time to smell the roses, there’s much to cover on this journey of mine that I somehow got lost in mirages, Oasis, desert’s and Savannah lands. In as much as I would like to wallow in sadness and more sadness, I’m pretty glad in the lessons that I get to learn, it somehow knows off my fairy tale imagination and drags me in to the pit called reality.

First in some things I might be, but in others, I choose to take the last seat, pretty comfortable here at the back bench. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea/ coffee but when it’s about your life, you call the shots!

Well, that’s my raging thought, simplified, feel free to roll your eyes πŸ˜‹


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