Thwart thee cat

You read it right!

Since my little 🐈 gave birth on my bed, I have been sleeping on the couch and it ain’t comfortable even for a second.

She has enjoyed the luxury of some space, quiet time and privacy but today!

I had to relocate her without getting clawed and it worked.

My first time to attempt to move her and her kittens, failed miserably. I was proud of making a DIY mini comfortable space for her but what I forgot was to use her scent (of which I did today) she quickly returned them to my bed, and I left silently but amazed.

Taking care of a cat and it’s kittens for me has been awesome, watching the kittens sleep, watching the cat give me those stares of I need to sleep, I need food and I need to stretch and what are you looking at. She does her duty diligently of cleaning her kittens and feeding them.

It’s eight days since she gave birth and her kittens look beautiful and healthy even though I’ve reclaimed my territory, I’m glad she has finally accepted the move to a more quiet and safe room that i moved her to, just her and her little ones.

Well that’s the thwart I gave my cat (pun intended).


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