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Micro annoyance

How else can you or I place it and ever since that greasly encounter I hate bugs to tears for a lack of better wording.

All I remember is that I was in my resting and majical place a.k.a sleep paradise, bed and I had those little pains on my arms the unfamiliar ones and I brushed it off not knowing they were uninvited guests, the blood sucking type 👹

I believe I got it from using one infested public service vehicle also known as matatu in my country, that made me pretty suspicious of old vehicles especially those that aren’t maintained one bit, whether cleanliness or neat car seats.

What am I talking about?

the dreaded ol’ bedbugs

I had quite a nightmare with those little micro blood sucking vampires. I slept on the couch which even though I’m short was uncomfortable. I was recommended a certain pesticide (of which I don’t remember the name but it was awesomely effective) I had to dilute it then spray it all over the affected area. I went all Jackie Chan mode spraying my bed with pesticide of which I didn’t dilute too much ( which was my way of killing asap! though the smell almost killed me, that is when spraying my bed). I don’t regret it though but I’ve never been so annoyed with bugs like those flimsy bedbugs annoyed me.

Funny enough when I said that I was “under attack“(see I too can get dramatic, ha!) to a few close friends and they somehow had horrible stories about someone who was attacked and they were like horror movies of which never consoled my little sad heart.

I was armed ready for the battle physically, mentally and emotionally. It was one heck of a battle of the Titans this was either me or the bedbugs and I did it! I won the battle and the war💪 hip hip hooray!*3

And that’s why the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. Goodnight is enough for me plus after a recovery of my beloved sleeping Haven, I had to do a top to bottom clean up first to ensure no “survivors” were left and secondly to clean up the pesticide after it served it’s purpose.

Lesson learned my friends and it’s a lesson that sucks. I now definitely kill or squash bugs on site, there’s no way I would want a repeat of that plus I now check my seat always and avoid old unkempt p.s.v (matatu) vehicles even though the fare price might be cheap.


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