They say once it’s in you, you know it and feel a sudden change all over. I have heard about it for I am yet to experience it and heck no, ain’t ready ( maybe scared or still waiting or searching for my soul mate😰 #foreveralone 😝)

Have you already figured what I’m talking about?

If yes, salute!

If not, let’s continue some say you’ll be overly on the happy side or overly on the lower side of sadness or a mixture of both extremes, in short, mood swings. You might have a sudden urge for specific foods and very particular in what you want, if you have a spouse whose supportive you could send the poor guy out for ice cream at 2.25 am cause that’s what the being in you is craving for, ha!

Some have that glow that radiates and hits everyone like the sun while others it just transform you to someone else, unrecognizable! The swellings, acne, loss of hair etc.

The changes that happens when transforming to a mother especially for the first time, I’ve heard is a foreign experience.

It’s meets everyone at a different stage in their lives, whether newlyweds, in your youth, when your past the alleged ‘right time’ etc. But some don’t have that opportunity whether it’s by choice or not.

Whenever I pass a lady whose expecting a bundle of joy, I’ve always wondered how, why, wow! Then Nop!, not now 😨. Maybe when I’m prepared.

You may wonder why write all this, in as much as it’s a good thing to bring forth a being into mother earth, the number of child birth deaths, negligence of doctors or nurses, complications, risk of death of child or mother makes me think twice or when the time comes would I want to sacrifice?

Only time will tell.

As for now when I saw this word foreign, it took me back to a friend who is having a very hard time. As a bread winner for her small family and the sudden MIA and dismissive talk. Why do that man? The changes she’s experiencing, very painful ones, for having a foreign… in her body.



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