I dare speak about her, yes, again!

Ever since our first meeting, our first encounter and that moment we were scared but we built trust. It was a beginning for something beautiful.

I call her princess, because she looks and acts like one. She brings joy and some type a feelings and contentment in my heart.

I realized that I’m singing lots lately and who am I singing to and singing about, yes! My little princess. She gives me that stare, the ones which say, not again woman/ human and to my delight I keep on singing as I pet her.

She enjoys lots of things like, being pet, obviously😒 being fed (meat and milk being her favorite food), sleeping besides me or just simply being around me, of which I enjoy the attention but sometimes, I need to do my work princess.

I enjoy watching her sleep and man she sleeps a lot, whether on her paws or laying down , stretching etc, there’s beauty and a kind of peace I admire as I watch her sleep. She sometimes purrs lots of which from my research I now know is a good and healthy thing, it helps in healing furry friends.

She does get mischievous sometimes especially when it comes to food, she always wants to have a bite of what I’m having or anyone else is having.

She is also one heck of an obedient cat. When you say ‘No‘ she knows it’s time to stop and move on. She heeds when I call even though sometimes it’s just for me to know where she is especially if I can’t spot her. She does a good job of hiding to enjoy her supposed time alone from all of us😉

She’s adventurous, curious as always and she’s definitely clever.

Caring for something/ or someone else definitely does good to our hearts. You get to put the need of others before yourself, learn to heed to the needs of others, be more compassionate and affectionate, like my affectionate feline friend.

On the other hands she’s had it with me meowing back at her, she must be wondering what I’m saying cause I don’t know too.

I choose to celebrate her as I count another month of writing and meeting awesome people in the blogging world.

Te Amore rafiki 😍 and thank you.



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