Grasping Life

Just when she thought, that this might be how her life would tragically end, with no help in sight, no energy to shout for help, her body was slowly growing cold and her heart was beating slower.

“Help me!” She wispered.

As though her wisper would echo loudly enough for a stranger to help.

It got dark, cold, lonely and terrifying, the only warmth she had was the tears flowing down her pale cold brown cheeks. The warmth pierced her soul and heart, a feeling so new yet so familiar.

Until, a hand appeared grabbed her by the shoulder, clothed her with a warm blanket, carried her and reminded her that, she will be ok, protected, loved, cared for, lifted up and thought of.

A flame was ignited, she felt a sudden energy breathed in her and her tears dried. That was the beginning of her journey, a journey out of the murky waters of depression.


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