A reconciliation

He saw her😢

This time, she had grown, bloomed and looked way better than he had thought of. She still smiled quietly and still was a little shy but something had changed in her. He knew it and felt it too.

She opened the gate, there he was. A lot had changed about him and just for a moment she wondered, will I hug him for a change or should I just shake his hand. She, without hesitation just said Hi and as he replied and smiled back, she shivered within a sudden spark had been ignited. She had waited for this for a long time. She had wondered how it would feel if he came back for her. She replayed it over and over again. She was just just a girl hopelessly in love, hopelessly in love with a man for the first time. She had planned in her head for a long time, she planned the meeting, the process of love, the wedding, the children…till death do us part, she planned. How foolish of her, right? She knew that every good has some bad and every bad had some good and yes, she was willing to sacrifice it all, for love.

And here they are, face to face with each other, no longer what they used to be, they had no label for what they had and still it hurt, it hurt and pained and drove them insane. Is loving for the first time supposed to be this terrible? Face to face, a reconciliation happened, a love sparked but it was never going to be the same for everything changed.

Everything does change…In Love.


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