mythoughts · Weekend


I wonder how it feels to fall deeply,

Deeply passionate

Deeply ambitious

Deeply happy

Deeply generous

Deeply authentic

Deeply grateful

Deeply caring

Deeply empathetic

Deeply inspired

Deeply thoughtful

Deeply insightful

& Deeply in love

With myself, family, friends, colleague s, community, strangers and more sore with humanity, human kind around the world.

Sometimes experiences, failures, hurt and pain deeply changes all of us. It makes us question every single gesture or even words that people say, you wonder:

  • Are they for us or against us?
  • What are they saying, really?
  • What are their intentions, really?

It gets to a place that you are doubtful, you are doubtful of yourself and you are doubtful of others even doubtful of what is truly true.

That’s why I wonder, I wonder what would happen if we release ourselves of what we have pained and paid for dearly whether hurt, loss, negativity and bad experiences. What beauty or experience will we be open to, maybe in doing this we will slowly experience a magic we hadn’t even thought of. Only time we tell, step by step we shall get there.



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