Uncompromising: eMotion

When they take you over,

They are merciless,

They get you when your most vulnerable

They give you a high,

A high that even the strongest of drugs cannot compete

And a rushing joy takes place all over your body & mind

It finally feels as you have control over the world and nobody can stop you

The heart beats rhythmically like an unsung song, beautiful and makes your soul dance

Suddenly even the slightest wind blow makes you tremble

Your heart of glass starts to give in

Give in to something so hushed so pure when right but so damaging when not in the right flow

A war wages within

An unseen war

A secret war

A war with your heart, mind, soul, spirit and body

One pulls to the right, the other to the left

Question is who will win?

It’s a war that can be shared only with those you truly deeply trust and that is yourself but you know you can’t compromise, you know you’ve come a long way

Walked through the hills, valleys, plains and stormy seas.

Who will win though? Are you willing to bow out or will you still remain uncompromising?



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