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Some facts about yours truly

  • I am a girl, lady,woman in short a she, from birth.
  • I do enjoy colourful views be it nature, body art, street art, fireworks etc it’s all beautiful to me
  • I’m pretty picky when it comes to relationships, since I’m a believer of forming deep, meaningful and lasting relationships which if you come to think of it, its pretty tough to find
  • I do enjoy well cooked and tasty meals. Nothing bitter or crawling or alive or raw. If it don’t smell right, looks funny or is still alive don’t eat it, my simple policy.
  • I do enjoy travelling whether spontaneous or planned, there is so much to see in the world and a change of scenery does magic to my brain, maybe its the excitement
  • I do enjoy watching movies,especially action movie genre
  • I enjoy learning new information everyday and reading mostly books or information that transforms my way of thinking

Let’s keep it short though, maybe facts about you too friend.



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