My feline stalker πŸ˜Ό

It has come to my conclusion that, I’m being stalked.

By who you ask?

Interestingly…a 🐈 and it’s not a joke

So how did it start you ask?

It began on a beautiful chilly morning, I had just woken up and just about my business trying to prepare breakfast and alas! some feline was at the balcony on a chair cuddled up and asleep.. beautiful right?


I don’t own a 🐈, when I was young I did have some kittens and 🐈 s but tragedy kept following and I kept falling sick, apparently from allergies from fur or something. Here I am, with a cat who keeps on popping in the compound, sleeping at the balcony and guess what? now demands my attention and affection. With those beautiful green eyes and suddenly following me all over, my πŸ’“ is being taken, she is slowly making me fall for her.

My little furry friend has been around for more than a week, just meowing, crying and disappearing of which I think she goes back to her owners or maybe strolls around the neighborhood.

What I enjoy about her is that she is pretty obedient. And today after giving her milk in the morning…she suddenly got the courage to jump into the house of which scared the crap out of me. You see whenever your home alone, you simply don’t expect suddenly felines to pop in because you know you don’t own one but she.. she surprised me and I don’t like these kind of suprises, 🐈.

My neighborhood 🐈 are pretty creepy and they are the kind of cats that don’t get scared. If you chase a cat and it doesn’t run be very afraid they say, it might be a human or a jinn 😨, isn’t that scary? It’s rumors but I wouldn’t want to test it.

Moving on from that, owning a cat is a great responsibility and I’m pretty sure she will be having MIA moments, another thing, the attachment that comes with it. I love cats but I know she belongs to someone, hopefully she isn’t a trouble maker.

If she doesn’t, then I’ll have to step in and take care of her. I hope she’s chill but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my heart from crashing, πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

As for know I’m officially cat stalked, I can’t walk straight without her serenading me with affection, and well I’m paying it forward to my feline friend.




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