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This being the first time hearing of this word. It makes me think of my experience getting employment. It sucks!

Going to interviews, getting a few placement, working hard, going to the workplace early, being taken advantage of by the employer, agreeing with the employer then they backstab you on your wage (backstab you with a smile, nkt!) I can’t!

Apparently I’m not supposed to complain, being cheap labor is recommended, well your in the organization it will give you a better chance of full employment they say.


Even a rube has limits. So even when the contract expires it’s like a celebration of sorts, may hurt financially but benefits you mentally.

With all that said, i’d like some advice or maybe a question, how to make money online, not the shady kind but clean.

Hard work, smart work depending with your school of thought or what works with you is commendable and I stand with it 💯% .What I don’t is taking advantage of people and their current situation.

I have a lot to say on this but who knows it might come to bite me in the ass as employers too go through your social media pages nowadays.

I’ve been one heck of a rube and a fool and it time I should get my act together. Or consider self employment, freelancing …


First, get my house in order!

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