Tending the 🌲

Hey there awesome friend, how are you doing today?

Can you spot them?

Can you feel the joy of bearing fruits?

Man, they are growing and I couldn’t be happier.

This tree has had it’s fair share of trials and triumphs, I have seen it grow and it had definitely seen me grow tooπŸ˜‰

It should have beared fruits long time ago but it didn’t and for a moment it almost dried up. All I can say is, my what a persistent tree it is.

There were times our beloved chicken loved to spoil it’s leaves and dig around it (I guess there were some awesome chicken food or whatever they were doing around it), some times it was dry or some bugs somehow decided to attack it (but look at you tree, you survived, you have the last laugh, ha! Bye-bye bugs) my dad did some spraying on it and we’ll it did help.

There had been talks of chopping the tree since it didn’t look like it would ever recover or produce fruit. I as always was pretty much against it. I really was for the thought, it has come a long way, it now looks pretty and you want to cut it, after chopping off the avocado tree, not on my watch people 😀 and hey it worked!

I look at this tree and it’s progress and I can’t help but be proud of it. I believe we shall partake of it’s sweet delicious fruit.

There is a lesson in it and I will let you figure out what it could be. Here I am taking photos of it, smiling at it and talking to it. Thank God for this tree and as it’s being fruitful i also will be fruitful in all areas of my life and so shall you my beloved reader and supporter.

You’ve got this!

You are more than a conquerer!πŸ‘‰πŸ’ͺ

*Psst, just found the name, it’s the graviola tree/ soursop treeπŸ™Œ



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