Simplify this..šŸ˜Ž

Clingy, needy, dramatic, moody, lovely, annoying, beautiful, amazing

Falling, crushing, blushing

A need, a dramatic need, a thirst an unquenchable thirst, a wild free spirit roaming past the vast desert searching for that which her soul needs

She found shadows, shadows of souls that existed but couldn’t find that which could dance with hers.

She looked again and traveled further from her comfort, further than her home, she dreamed and wondered of how she would be tamed by her piece of soul.

Hungry, tired, angry, dusty and with no strength she fell down and lost conciseness.

Time flew and she felt the soft calm breeze on her face urging her to wake up. Slowly she rose and was surprised that she was in a different territory one that she had heard of but never seen before.

A strange, beautiful soul sat at a corner, she was sure that this was the soul that brought her to her new territory. He was a charming, handsome and a lost soul as well and with his lovely smile a friendship began.

She loved her new place, it was beautiful, soothing and gave her a calmness that her soul had never experienced. With her new found friend something beautiful blossomed and it seemed like she had found that which her heart had been looking for.

Their friendship turned to passion, a passion that they had no control over. It made them experience joy, sadness, craziness and a love that was new to them and they couldn’t stop but they wouldn’t show it. It was theirs, it was beautiful but they had to protect it. Their souls burned with passion, their hearts overflowed with love and desire that had been waiting and hiding for a long time. It hurt them but they loved the pain and enjoyed it with pleasure. With heavy breaths and silent moans their minds were floating in a world they created and a world they belonged, a world without judgement, a world that flowed with love and passion.

Until, her heart suddenly grew cold, a winter breeze she had never felt but knew it was a sign. A sign she had to leave for her soul still was hollow and empty and with this, she left without a goodbye. She knew it would kill him, she knew she had started falling for him but for him to live she had to walk away.

She ran faster to the unknown, she ran in the middle of the night, she couldn’t afford to look behind lest she changed her mind and ran into his warm and protecting hands. Not knowing where she was going she held her soul and kept her heart safe for that is all what she had.

Suddenly, it was morning and she was exhausted and step by step she moved forward, she suddenly felt it she felt her other half calling her, she followed the soothing voice and found her self back to her familiar grounds.

It was there that her journey began and it was there her journey has finally ended. She had to lose herself to find herself, she was whole again.

The end.


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