Mr. Z

Definitely good looking, a little charming, not badly off on wits and not badly off on conversations especially the dreaded small talks.

You see, he is the kind of guy that some ladies desire. And my! the ladies hunted him down everyplace he went, to the shopping mall, his favorite liquor store, his usual afternoon coffee spot and attended religiously his Friday spoken word performances, hoping they would grab his attention.

He already knew of his lady stalkers and fans alike but paid no attention to it. A lot had changed since he had his heart broken.

He had a lovely lady in his life and…she left him for another. He seemed better at everything than him but he had real love for this lady.

It was like being skipped for something bigger and better, like a child throwing a tantrum for the biggest toy in the store yet you have money enough for a medium size toy yet better than the bigger one, you get?

A lost love, a broken man, an honest man he is that he wouldn’t want a causal relationship to forget about his lady. He knew that he wouldn’t want to break another’s heart to satisfy his own need, yes, he is that kind of guy.

He has to move on forget his lady and focus on building himself. Until he meets another love, one that he wouldn’t have to apologise profusely for a past but love unconditionally forever. Till death do us part.


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