A heart with cavity

Ever thought of it?

Ever heard of it?

A heart with cavity

A heart that can be physically seen and very empty?

What happened to that heart that was loving, trusting, believing and dreaming.

You do know what truly happened, it is your secret, a secret between you and yourself.

Ever met people who are grumpy, mean, bullies sometimes the ones you call heartless?

You do know that they have hearts but at least we can say they have cavities.

Everyone has a cavity in their hearts, something that changed you, something that shook you to the core, someone or an event that took a chunk of your very self. It may have been today, yesterday, years ago or even when you were a child. It never goes away, never really fades, always a memory of what happened, what makes you not the person you once were.

It might be a lesson learned but never let that lesson change you for the worst. Healing takes time, yes it does but may this lesson make you a better person, one that lights a heart, one that spread its lovely rays to the many dark hearts and fill the cavities with a flame that can grow goodness, kindness, love, empathy, sympathy, understanding etc

To the hearts with a cavity,

You shall rise again.


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