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Inkling about…

It’s Sunday and I’m totally ready and awaiting Monday, why? you may ask, I can’t wait to see a doctor.

You see, my previous post I talk of the annoying monsters on my skin and I pretty much think I know what it might be.

I pretty much fall in the category of people who Google stuff whether ailments, difficult words or simply too curious, you wouldn’t want to be misdiagnosed or say something out loud yet have no clue of what it is, bummed!

Still on this, I would like to thank all those amazing people who made internet, inter webs and all that makes our lives easy for I wouldn’t have a clue of what I suspect my beloved rash is. Now I have an idea, will use it while chatting up the doctor tomorrow, ha! I know my stuff doc, get ready to be amazed.

Hey friend, sorry that I seem to be ranting about it but, the pain is real. It’s like that one time a mosquito bit you, did you enjoy it? No. Did it hurt? Yes. Were you annoyed by that mosquito? Sure, yes. Well, so am I friend

So am I.

I still love you though, awesome friend.



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