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Health Strategy

Yes, you read it right.

I personally dread it,but it’s something I want to give a shot at this year.

I confess that I do enjoy well cooked meals and whenever I’m stressed, I was a typical stress/ emotional eater.

Normally a plus size (sound cooler) size 16 ish,I admit it has its pros and cons but the latter is pretty much. I won’t talk much about myself cause internet trolls are real as fudge*

So today I did yoga, a beginners yoga, for about 8 minutes and I must say it was pretty refreshing, not too easy and not too hard. After stretching my whole body, I will basically try this every damn day.

Something else I’ve been trying is spices in food, like cumin, garlic, cinnamon and chilles. Mostly too boost my metabolism, add flavor to plain ol’ food and flush out toxins in my body. I love it! And will definitely add more spices to my list, if you don’t mind me asking, which one’s would you recommend?

And water, I now drink water like a fish which means frequently visit Mr. Loo! Yikes! But I don’t mind, water has loads of benefits and if your like me, plain water sometimes sucks, try adding ginger! I enjoy the tingling taste.

And much more! This is what I have basically started with and in time I’ll incorporate more health based activities. I want to shed some unwanted weight, especially due to the fact that I have edema on my left leg.

I believe with consistent, determination and sharp lazor focus, I can do this, so help me God!

What advice would you give me, i.e. if you’ve done some health related workouts or food recipes that has worked for you?




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