Viable Resolutions

Every new year,

Resolutions, “new year new me” chants,

May sound cliche’

Maybe cliche to one who doesn’t see possibilities

A possibility to change how you work,

A possibility to change your health,

A possibility to learn new skills

A possibility to break bad habits and create/ learn new ones

An issue maybe generalising what one indents to achieve

What may work is breaking it down, to small doable goals

You realize, we all dream but there’s a percentage that achieves their dreams

Maybe we can learn from them and for a change make viable goals, be persistent, ask for help and make them clearer and presice

As you are on your own individual New year’s plans, make them more viable e.g to read 12 books by 31 December 2018, to read a book a month, to read for 30 minutes per day or 8 pages per day šŸ˜ƒ

*I do intend indeed to do the same.




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