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My Reservations 🙊

**That moment when you want to say something but you keep it to yourself because you already have an idea of the feedback that you may/ might receive when you say something.

Today marks my 100th post, I can’t explain the joy I feel today, initially when I started this, it was more of an outlet for me to express myself, remove the excess thoughts(lol!), theraphy or journaling of some sort and maybe stay busy.

I really desire to be a great orator, there’s something about stories and great orators that I like, the simple ability of sharing your idea with people in a way that they can buy it or act upon it, now that is interesting.

For me this blogspace is now an intergrated part of me, I love it, I enjoy it, I read more, enjoy reading fellow bloggers blogs, get ideas, share ideas etc it’s my therapy whether I’m having a good day or bad day.

Special thanks to you all: readers, new followers, old followers and friends. I dare say all of you are truly supportive.

I might be all over the place with this post, but I won’t hold back, I’m truly thankful.


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