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Tough Conversations

Today evening, I had one of those conversations, you know, the heart to heart conversation with a friend.
My friend is in a panic state, he wants to quit school and do something else, the problem is, he doesn’t know what that is, yet.
I was shocked at first because he’s going back to school in a day’s time and I was saddened because I don’t know how to totally help him, I sat and listened and gave a little advise but mostly asked the tough question of, what’s your plan?
This conversation I believe is not unique to the world and I would love for you to share your opinion with me.
How do you help someone or a friend who is stuck or at crossroads about his life, studies or purpose?
What would you advise if it was your friend asking for your help on this?

*Happy New Year my friends.

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11 thoughts on “Tough Conversations

  1. I would help the weigh all the pro’s and con’s of any decision that they felt was viable…I would ask them all the questions they didnt want to answer and try to poke as many holes on their plans as I could ( not because I wasn’t being supportive but because I would want to make sure that they are making a good decision)

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  2. I would advise them to do what they love but if they don’t know what they love yet, try as many new things as possible. But it is also important not to forgo opportunities in life. Therefore I would recommend that he continues to attend school till he finds his calling. Just my personal opinion, though.

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  3. Motivation is one tool. But GRIT is important to finish off anything they set as goal. i would advice to go to school as usual and also can check for his passion in the free time. i ll explain how education is important even if they cant find passion.
    Also i ll ask them to watch this

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  4. I think your friend just needs someone to listen to him. Ask questions, but be kind about it. It’s ok if he doesn’t have everything figured out yet. It’s good to remind him that he can achieve what he wants after he’s done with school, too.

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  5. I like what smphwe said. That’s usually what I’m doing as a therapist or as a friend. I usually suggest that people not make any major life-chaning decisions in that type of mental space. Then i usually have them play the scenarios out on each option (ie. ok, so let’s look at the reality of not going back to school or dropping out. If you have student loans they’ll come due in 6 months. Where will you live? What will you do for money? Etc). Then I usually point out what seems to be the option with the most pros, point out which way it sounds like they are leaning, and remind them that ultimately it’s their choice. I’d probably recommend he connect to a life coach or therapist as well

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  6. I think all you can do is let your friend know that you’ll support whatever they decide. Unless they’re specifically looking for your input, it’s all you can do. It can be hard, as I’m in a similar situation, but it’s not your job to solve all their problems.

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  7. That’s a difficult one….I have a friend that was in a similar situation. First and foremost, I think he just needs someone to hear him out like you’re doing and he should be discouraged from making decisions when in a heightened emotional state. What year of schooling is he in? Is in he in college/university or is he like a senior in high school? I would advise him against it. Education is invaluable not only to the person being educated, but to future employers. A lot of really good jobs and career options require either a certificate from a trade program or degree. If he’s in college, see if changing a major would help. Is he just not passionate about what he’s studying. Just feeling like you’re going through the motions can be demotivating, but education is worth it. And after all that, if his heart is still really set on it, I’d suggest telling him to do research and try to discover his new passion while still going to school. Maybe decrease the number of classes he’s taking to have more free time. But he really should have a plan. Best of luck to you and your friend.

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  8. I agree your friend needs to come down and take time off to give a mental break. Some times this is all that’s needed to give mental bubble. Next after cooling off go through the pros and cons … in all this it’s about destiny


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