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Musing Moment (s)

Today, I took the liberty to read Song of Solomon, I can’t explain why but a cliche’ answer would be I was curious and nope ( I can read your mind, ha!)

Okay for those who may not know, Songs of Solomon is a chapter in the Bible in the Old Testament which is located between  Isaiah and Ecclesiastes.

I was curious and it’s been one chapter I don’t read as often, reason being it’s just too romantically feely and all and well, i somehow flee from such, ha! I used to think it’s only for people in relationships, i mean married people or those who have a clear pass to the alter, lol! (See my thinking people)

So, I read it in it’s totallity, chapter by chapter verse by verse and at the end of it, my mind was boom! phew, phew,phew, boom! aka blown away, the ratio is maximum. I liked it, I’m scared to say more than I should but Hey! There’s no shame, it’s the bible, thank God!

As much as I enjoyed my reading, there are two verses which are repeatedly, that is Songs of Solomon 2:7 & 8:4 which says

 “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

Now that, I shall follow. I’m not a fan or amused by relationship hoping I mean from one failed one to another, not that I’m in one but seeing consequences of it is pretty heartbreaking. 

Take care and be safe friends 💓 


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