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Their Confession

It was about time,

Time to spill the beans

This had weighed on her too much

She couldn’t keep quiet no more

She had postponed the news long enough

If she held it in one more second, she would die,

Die a thousand times like she had before

So, she called him and waited 

Hello… whose this?

“Hello, it’s… We met earlier today, remember?”

And she finally confessed 

She finally did it

She felt a little lighter 


Now more afraid than ever

She didn’t know what he would say

She didn’t want to be rejected

She hated rejection

And all he said was, “okay”

He was silent for a while

This wasn’t supposed to go like this,

This wasn’t the way she had seen it unfolding in her mind

There was supposed to be some rythm to this, some more words

And he suddenly hanged his phone.

Her heart sank

And she cried

Why? Why would she do this to herself she thought

She cried for two more hours

Suddenly a knock at her door

She wiped her face with her shirt and went to open the door

As she opened

There he was

He hugged her

He apologized to her

He had something to confess too

It was about time that he too said that he felt the same

He too was afraid of rejection

He too was afraid to lose her 

And with this confession finally out

They knew that something beautiful had blossomed

They knew that they had to protect this

This was their cherished confession



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