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curious investigative holiday

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I said hi, it’s not that everyone appreciate greetings nowadays but for those who do, I hope you’ve been doing well.

How are the holidays from your part of the world? Please share.

So, you may wonder what I have been up to, right? I have been watching alot of crime documentaries and other investigative documentaries (like seriously binge watching them) I must confess they are seriously addictive and being the curious type, I enjoy watching them and get amazed at the same time.

They are simply more interesting than watching romance movies or cliche movies (you know the ones that in five minutes you already know the full story and the ending) the sad thing is that is that they are true, the crimes committed have affected lives be it death, families shattered or even a simple thing like changing a person’s perception of other people.

I saw a couple of documentaries yesterday on stalkers,was amazed with the lengths that people can go because of a love interest or infatuation with a person, one killed his best friend cause of a girl (though you can argue that the bro code was broken, dating your best friends ex- girlfriend, you know shits gonna get ugly, hey sidenote: I don’t approve of taking a persons life!) Another episode was of a lady who destroyed her ex-fiance life because of a cancellation of a trip ( in that episode things went South very fast, from sabotage at his work place, reporting of child abuse n child neglected and other things which were not true, finally when the lady was caught, she was found with freaking to do list notebooks of plans that she had for the guy, yikes!) And many more people, so much more!

I must say some of the crimes took a long time to be solved but after they got solved & as technology got advanced  with time and the perpetrators got caught, a sigh of relief to all.

I must commend all the resilient officers, detective, reporters, families & the guys who do autopsy etc for the good work they do. I know it’s not Sherlock Holmes but wow!  That’s all I can say.

Have an awesome day ahead.



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