mythoughts · Wordplay

Sleep Proclivity

In her sleep, all worries dissappeared

All gloom vanished

Her canvas was blank

She began to draw

She drew what made her soul happy

She built what she desired

She wasn’t an over the top kinda girl

She wanted just enough

She enjoyed the ocean

She enjoyed the green Fields

She enjoyed the clear blue skies with the shiny stars

In her cabin, she had all she needed

In her canvas she also saw him …

They were friends for sometime now

Ever since she was saved from drowning

Ever since she was saved from the great sharks

They became buddies

He lived on the hill some few miles from her

He taught her how to overcome her fear

She was the warrior

He was the Samurai

She also help him too

She helped him learn how to not be afraid of falling

She was falling and He was falling

They were falling from a plane, I mean skydiving

Now that she was with him, he had the courage

He overcame his fear of heights

And just when they were about to land in her favorite green Fields

She woke up

She learned it was time for her to do something about it





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