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Stay safe

accidentEven as the year ends when the celebration are high world wide, I guess, there is always this dark cloud, this pitch black cloud that sticks out.

It’s the angel of death!

Who pays a visit, like a loan shark that is owed debt, like a drug lord who has been robbed of his due or a snake that is hunting for it’s prey

A great number of people do loose their lives every last month  of the year, especially to road accidents and it’s usually more painful knowing that the next year is just around the corner ready to swing into action.  Imagine loosing about 9 members of your family, your husband or wife or kids or in laws or friends, imagine preparing a funeral for this when a few hours earlier you were all enjoying each other’s company with a huge feast. This must be very devastating!

All I can say my friends is please please do take care, drive safely and stay safe!

Don’t over speed while driving

If you are not confident in your skills of driving late at night, please find a place to rest for the night and maybe you can travel early morning when your fresh and energetic

Don’t drink and drive!

Wear your safety belts!

All in all observe caution friends!


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