To the broken piece πŸ’“

Maybe a crack, maybe a tear, maybe some holes, maybe a swell however it may be, the pain is or might be the same

Maybe a person, maybe a loved one, maybe a natural disaster, maybe sickness even death, whatever the cause maybe

It must and it can be healed, it can be mended, it can recover however a scar or a mark might be left

Maybe a little more time,  forgiveness, some support, more time to grieve, letting go, depending on the various situation, it all requires a different approach

Maybe no one understands, maybe a few do, maybe their presence, prayer and support is all you need, again it all varies with the situation one maybe

Maybe not to be forgotten, maybe to be a scar, maybe to be a reminder of what was (past) and what is (present and future) to come

Maybe it will help someone else, a friend, a family, a stranger, a colleague, patner,child who might truly need it

Take courage πŸ’“πŸ’“

Stay strong!


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