A little rascal called…

Self doubt,

Paid a visit today,

Made me almost trip face down,

A cold shiver ran down my spine,

My little heart beat faster,

My little heart sank,

Still I held on for little dear life,

Wondering if I made the right decision,

Wondering whether it was miss big pride talking,

Wondering if I would regret saying NO,

You see opportunity only knocks once they say,

But why settle for a short term solution when a long term possibility is lurking somewhere,

Why go a step back when you can move 2 big steps forward,

Here I am, I don’t know why but I still believe that, there is another opportunity,

You little rascal called doubt, #selfdoubt

I will not let you take me back

I will not let you shake me

You will always be there

But for today,  No thank you

I have made my decision

I shall not be moved 


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