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The Special Season🎅

Hi there!

How are you doing today?

I’m doing fine as well, enjoying this lovely Tuesday at home. All I can say is that it’s truly the holiday season, (I can’t believe 2017 is almost over) it’s always a different one on December. There is more laughter in the air, more tears from the children once they are at war with one another on whose turn it is to play with the bicycle or soccer ball etc, there is joy and yelling too from the mothers and their children, the father’s well…, they don’t mind, they’re just chill.

During the December holidays, there’s usually lots of activities, whether expecting family to visit or just going on a family vacation and others just at home catching up with the latest movies, programs etc or preparing for Christmas in the different venues be it church or for an upcoming event.

Most importantly a time when people gather together, family or not, it’s the time when people reflect on the year that has been, say goodbye to the ones we have lost too soon, thank God for the years newborn and appreciate where we are in life. 

Wherever we maybe in life at this time,we all still believe that it shalll be well with our souls. We are never given trials that we can’t overcome, we have the strength, will and capacity to go through it.

Have a trouble free day.

Cheers dear friend!


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