It’s the season

Hey there!

Happy new month.

It’s December, the end of the month &year, the time where you reflect on your life and what you have accomplished, the time when you realize you didn’t get all that you wanted since you started the year, the time that you realize that you are getting older and you need to get your life in order, strive for excellence not perfection.

Well! That’s alot of things to swallow in one sitting, one thing is I’m thankful for being alive and good health, my family etc the list is long but let’s start with the “cliche” ones. They do matter.

As I do my reflection and begin a new list for 2018,  I do hope you get to check in with your loved ones, whether family, friends or someone whom you’ve really wanted just to check in with them, you may never know when you might see them or talk to them again and maybe be, just maybe your voice might be all they need to hear and something like I miss you, I care about you, how was your day, how are you doing, these are the little things that bring little ray’s of sunshine during those dark cold days.


Have a lovely day and great weekend ahead friend.


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