Being female can hurt, it really can especially during those rainy days when you are truly not yourself.

When your body just has to refuse working, when your stomach hurts like a dragons belly. 

When your moods are off the charts and you truly can’t explain why you are a staight up bi**h or a cry baby or a i don’t care kinda person.

When all you want to do is lie on the bed cause the thought of being up just make you sick when your bed is the safest place you can be at the moment or for the next four to seven days.

When you just want to be left alone and pampered at the same time, when aunty flow pays you a visit when you were expecting and sometimes she surprises you when you least expect her!

When you just want to be understood and when you pull yourself together because even if there is a tornado in your body, things have to be done for if not you will be labeled.

When during that time you wish you had an extra body since the one you have just needs a break.

When popping pain killers can be nauseating and all you want us some time off to truly recover.

This is a price that being a female you have to pay once in a while or very often, we all are different, our cycles are different, our flows are different and our bodies behave differently.

Mine just wants a …

I don’t know!


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