mythoughts · Wordplay

The Stray

They are a group,

They are almost the same color,

They hangout together,

They play together,

They fight together,

They hunt together.

They are each other’s keeper,

Through thick and thin no matter what happens they will always find one another,

They will always find their way home,

Their way back to each other’s company,

They have each other’s back.

They share their pain,

They bark with excitement, whenever a meal happens,

They also welcome the lost,

For they know how it feels to be lost, cold, hungry and alone,

They enjoy napping,

Under the neighbor’s 🌲 where the winds  breeze and ⛅ heat make them dream,

Dream’s that they remind them that it will get better,

In each other’s company,

They are the Stray,

The Stray Dogs.


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