Finally, the week end!

Hey there!

How’s you doing? It’s the weekend and the weather here keeps changing like a chameleon: warm, windy, cold, warm etc. I need some sun and a little wind not an overhaul per 5 minutes, yikes!

I do hope you are enjoying your Saturday, I bet some of you are going to an event or adventure even work, ha! But some are definitely attending a wedding, there is something about Saturday’s and weddings. I think it’s an official wedding day from my side of the country, heck, i was born on a saturday not sure whether I’ll tie the knot on a saturday.

Look at me all fuzzy, and trying to cook some chai and do some cleaning. It’s not like there’s no cleaning taking place but sometimes i wish these dishes could sort themselves out, you know clean themselves. I must be watching too many magic programmes. Ya think!

Anywho, you do you, work your magic this weekend, don’t mind me i’ll take some water, it might cool me off! 😀

Enjoy your weekend,







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