What’s in my heart right now

monday worry 2Hey there,

How are you doing today?

How was your weekend? What have you been up to? Do share 🙂

I’ve been on a small break from writing, well doing ma’ thing or nothing. Just trying to get some clarity and taking care of self.

I do worry a lot about myself and my life come to think of it. I wonder what the hell happened or what’s up with me. I changed a lot and I’m on an unknown path at 24. Jeez!, I thought by this time I would have a stable job with a good income, doing shit and all and living the life but who am I kidding.

Here I am writing this almost shedding tears and I can’t help but think, I shouldn’t be like this. Have I placed too much expectations on myself? Sometime back  I had this sparkle and promise, drive, determination and all but I’m lost, broken and very alone. I believe that’s why something’s make sense. But how can I get help and to whom do I turn to?

I had lots of dreams for my life, my future etc but I’m lost. Is this how life is? Is this how it should be? Does it ever get better? I’ve not lost hope, I still believe that this is just a phase and even if the doors are closed right now, there is a window of opportunity out there for me all I have to do is to be alive, alert and ready for it. 😐

 Dear God please send me a sign.



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