National Prayer Day

Today in my country it was declared the National Prayer Day. There is so much, that as a country that we need help from God on especially Peace, Love & Unity.

This week we will have another election more specifically, the presidential election. I don’t know how elections in your countries run, but in my county it’s mostly like a two race horse. I believe and still have faith that free and fair elections can still take place.

I remember once an acquaintance telling me that they don’t watch the daily news, I was shocked, but later I tried the same and well still doing that, yes it can be seen as arrogance or whatever, but watching news and all you see is not good news, tell me what is there to looking forward to? At the same time politics does play a role in our life’s, it affects us whether we like it or not, so we can’t ignore it.Kenya Prays


Despite it all, I love my country, there is so much to be appreciative about, the people, the freedom of speech, the ability to move from place to place without worry, the wildlife, the land, the ocean, lakes etc.

This is our national anthem, it’s a prayer and it’s one of the most beautiful anthems in the world, you’ll hear it often during races, Boston, Diamond League, Olympics. Our country men are one of the best runners in the world. I thank God for my country, my prayer for my country is for it to be peaceful, for tolerance in each person, for love between our leaders, for wisdom between our leaders and God to be with us all. Dear God guide us. Amen.


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