A Milestone!!!

Hey there awesome person 🙂 ,

Colorful First Month Celebration

A lot can happen in a month. I started something, I believed it was awesome, beautiful and difficult at the same time. You enjoyed my content and followed my blog, I’m grateful.

I got to explore other people’s blogs and I must say there are some creative, talented and real people around the world God knows where we all sit and type away our world and share it, its epic! I would want to meet a great deal of all this people in person and I would love to learn some of the awesome artistic lessons from these people.

(Let your mind flow,explore breathe in and out and type away) We type at our homes, in the libraries, coffee shops, while waiting for our friends, others while waiting for kids to come home from school, others from work etc. Indeed we all have our daily routine that we must do and what is constant is that we get to write our thoughts, how our day was, how we are doing, feeling, going through every motion & emotion counts.

May we continue with this and hopefully encourage others that practice makes perfect and we all have the capacity to do something.  If I was to celebrate this day with you I would want it to be an awesome adventure either outdoors hiking, traveling or indoors watching a movie or having a simple conversation on our life’s experiences. Do have a fabulous day and blessed week ahead.

Stay awesome!

Kate Shiru Thank You card for followers


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