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Things I Will Tell My Daughter: Book Review

Lesson 12Hey there! How are you doing?

Remember my Back to Reading post 🙂 ? Another book I purchased was THINGS I WILL TELL MY DAUGHTER by JOAN THATIAH.  The heading caught my attention and I really wanted in on this secret. Being a young woman and trying to figure myself out, well! sure glad I bought it! It was worth every penny.

It covers topics like womanhood, money, love and work. Think of most of the common things that women (young &old) talk about and fight with every single day. The author is captivating with her words and she talks about her encounters, friends encounters which are real stories you can relate to (I do to some) and lessons we can lean from them.

My view is that this book is not for anyone who has a closed mind, you might get offended. If you are on the open-minded category, I must say that you will agree with the strong points she gives on every topic she covers, but, you also have an option of agreeing to disagree.

I strongly recommend it to everyone since some chapters in her book do also cover on importance & the role that a male figure plays in a woman’s & child’s life. (No, I will not spill the beans. I want you to read it yourself. Have your own perspective too 😉 )

Lesson 12(1)

Happy Reading & Cheers!

  • On Money –  It’s not evil. It’s an essential part of life, you need it, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Ask for a raise & also negotiate on it. It’s all for your benefit.
  • On Work – Stop doubting yourself. You are more than capable & you got the position you are in because you are competent & skillful. Don’t undervalue yourself.  And please, don’t get harassed out of your job, speak about it, report it to the HR. Don’t be afraid of the label ( you’ll get it once you read the book).
  • On Love – Your happiness counts. Don’t stay in a relationship just for the children, its selfish. You can do co-parenting and be happy. Don’t be afraid of being with a partner who has children already. If s/he is the “one” and you are both happy, go for it! A blended family is also a good family click here
  • On Womanhood – Don’t rush into something if you are not ready or sure. Take care/ charge of your femininity. Please don’t cry in the boardroom meeting! You’ve got this!




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