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The PDF: Day 6 & 7

Day 6&7_ The Purpose Driven LifeHey there! The weekend is here! What are you up to today?

It’s a good day to be alive, isn’t it?

Going through day 6 and 7 of The Purpose Driven Life  daily read, a lot just came through my mind but i will share what is in my heart today.

With God, all things are possible. Without God, life is shit and real messy! You believe that you’ve got it all figured it out, sometimes it really works out, you mark off your list of achievements, goals, to-do lists but alas! you still have a void, which cannot be filled. In times like these Who & Where do you turn to?

With God, you have hope, you believe that everything will work out, you still have faith that even though physically it may not seem possible, it will happen, and so it does, with faith, hope and love, everything might fall apart but Oh! you have someone stronger whom you can lean on, someone mightier who can lift you up, someone who cares about you, who loves you despite of you and all your shortcomings, you have someone you can talk to and who you believe can work miracles.

Yes! Miracles still do happen. Trust him for he will make a way where there seems to be no way & through it all He’s got you!


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