I never knew you before,

Only heard beautiful praises about you, from them that matter most in my life,

and I fell,

I fell deeply and wholly in love with you,

I was excited and scared at the same time,

How could this be?

How could I?

Why am I ready to take the risk?

Why did I take the risk?

You changed me, you changed me, you did!

I was overly happy and raging mad at the same time.

I loved it ! I enjoyed it! It ripped my heart! It burned me to the ground! I cried rivers & lakes and I was drawn to you more and more,

I needed to protect you, to understand you, to annoy you & talk to you,

You were my world.

I saw a future before I got to know you,

Yes, it was silly, but it’s good to dream,

Dreams do come true,

This one didn’t,

The only queen in your heart,

I thought that will be it!, I thought that would be me, I thought wrong

Shit happens!

What role did I play? Who was I to you?

Did I mean anything? Were those 3 words real?

It matters no more, but you mattered most in my heart.

I am not grieving, no longer,

You are amazing & I appreciate the person you’ve become,

The changes you made,

Your milestones and new beginnings,

Happy ever after does exist,

I’m glad it does, I hope it will remain for you, you too deserve it,

I will wait for him,

Even if it doesn’t happen,

It is well, Life is still beautiful,

All the best in your new journey, be happy.

So long my friend.If you_re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. ~ Paulo CoelhoRead more_ https___www.spiritbutton.com_goodbye-quotes_#ixzz4uRbl1M3m



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