mythoughts · Weekend


It’s an essential part of life. With it you grow, you overcome, you appreciate and progress no matter your current situation in life. Without peace, all hell breaks loose, you hate, you destroy, you discriminate and you crave more, making you a very unbearable person to live with. The international day of peace day was on Thursday, 21 September. Do you know how blessed you are to have peace in your country, you can actually do your daily activities without worry or fear of you dying or loosing a loved one, you’re  safe, you’re not on the run or a nomad, moving from region to region or country to country. We need peace whether you agree or not. Listening to news daily is very heartbreaking, there is so much bad news to report about and no solutions to curb the situations. How about you, do you have peace? Is it in your home, workplace, neighborhood, city & county? What can you do to make sure that it thrives and not decline?Peace(1)


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