There are things in life that if we look back at, they give us some pretty mixed feelings. They make us either want to go back in time and do them differently or thank God that maybe we  didn’t go through with them. At this point we can’t change them but maybe learn from them, for example, losing a friend, leaving a job, moving to distant city, not communicating as often to the people you once were close with etc. you get? I think somethings are better left unsaid & undone, but keep in mind, that despite it all, you are here, in the present & it’s time to make amendments, it’s time to go forth charging (like a bull), let not “what if’s” hold you back. We are  here, not to do things routinely, that you forget to have an awesome life.

Why don’t we try this everyday, take a risk, try to challenge yourself & take responsibility for your actions. In the end, you’ll discover something amazing about yourself. You’ve got this!Choices



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